Preparing for the Rainy Days with QLO


The rainy season is just around the corner. Unexpected storms, rains, and floods may occur at any time and can put us in a difficult position financially. But just like this short season, there’s also a type of savings that many people tend to overlook, that can get you by during unexpected setbacks.

The Rainy Day fund is a short-term savings plan that is easy to achieve and is a must for any person tight on a budget but still wants to be prepared. Here’s all you need to know about this savings fund and its difference from the well-known “Emergency Fund”.


Being exposed to the concept of a rainy day fund can help one be prepared for unexpected short-term expenses.

Emergency Fund vs Rainy Day Fund

An emergency fund is your stock of money for unexpected, big-ticket expenses like a job loss or an illness befalling a loved one. Even though no one wants to experience these unfortunate events, it is always best to be prepared!

On the other hand, a rainy day fund is where you can pull money for unexpected, small expenses like replacing your aging refrigerator or a much-needed operation for your fur baby! Even though these are unfortunate events, they’re a little bit more manageable but still something you should save up for!


Saving up for the Rainy Days

To manage this, it would be best to think about your current situation – Are there any appliances or furniture that’s due for replacement? Is your car up for repair? Is your fur baby acting a little different than usual? Asking these questions and more can help you map out which expenses you need to save up for.


After plotting out possible expenses, it’s time to identify how much you really need to save up! This target will then be your guide in how much you’ll keep for each month until you reach it.

For example, your target is Php 20,000. Think about how you can save up per month (ex. Php 1,000) and then just add to it whenever you can to achieve it faster.


Go-to Rainy Day Fund

In case you are still on your way to building your Rainy Day Fund and an unexpected need arises, then it is a good idea to know your financial options that can also serve as an interim rainy day fund. This is why many employees who are employed with QLO partner companies, consider

QLO’s Cash Advance service. It offers zero interest fees and you’ll have cash in an instant!

It is also short-term and payable in a month through salary deduction making it convenient without the worry of being indebted for a long time. You can then use this as your base for your rainy day fund to give you peace of mind during difficult times.

Learn all about the QLO Cash Advance from our FAQ page here:

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