The Horror of Bad Credit Habits


There’s only a month before Halloween comes and we are all ready to get spooked by the season.

Have you prepared your costumes already? Are you done finalizing the scary movies to add on your watchlist? While all ghosts stories and creepy costumes are scary, nothing is scarier than financial stress and bills due without ready payments.


It’s even scarier when paying financial obligations become an endless cycle because people tend to not prioritize their financial health, especially when preparing for emergencies and unexpected bills. Due to this, no matter how much money you make, you’ll still find yourself in bad financial situations like having bad debt or not being able to pay off your obligations. But don’t worry, this “nightmare” is sure to end with the right strategy and mindset!

Here is a list of things you should avoid doing that can give you a bad credit record and get rid of your financial stress:

1. Loaning or borrowing from a non-trusted source.

When looking for loan programs, it is imperative that you don’t deal with illegal lenders to avoid being a victim of loan sharks, like the 5-6 lenders and sangla ATM lenders. Be careful in choosing where to get a loan, spot and avoid those that have very high interest rates, no background checks, have hidden and excessive chargers, and don’t offer formal contracts – they are indeed loan sharks!


Find yourself a reputable and licensed financial institution like Quick Loans Online (QLO).

2. Buying beyond your means

Having a “YOLO” mindset, which means “You Only Live Once,” is a great perspective, but sometimes we tend to decide with this in mind without factoring our financial capacity. Overspending is one of the biggest causes of having a pile of bad debt as most people tend to buy things that they don’t need, being addicted to shopping, and improper management of income.


In order to prevent this, you need to do things within your means, or if it’s really unavoidable, you have to come to a risk-free salary loan program, just like QLO – which allows you to borrow money for your needs within your salary range!

3. Borrowing without a payment schedule planned.

Aside from determining where to get your loans, it is critical to have a clear repayment plan. People tend to skip this part when borrowing money, which only results in piles of debt on top of debt. Before getting into this situation, you need to ask yourself: “How will I repay the loan?” “When should I repay this?” Whether on university exams, business presentations, or as crucial as taking a loan, having a plan is a must.


This is why it is important to get loan options that allows you to repay within a reasonable time. This is because long term loans mean that you will be indebted for a long period of time while paying off your interest which can contribute to bad credit.

4. Allowing interests to multiply.

Aside from loan sharks, excessive spending, and failing to come up with a plan, you should also avoid allowing your loan interest to compound. It will become more difficult to pay because as interest rates rise, so will your financial charges. To avoid the heartache that high interest rates, late penalty charges, and revolving interest rates can cause, pay off your balances while you can! .


On the other hand, it is always best to have good planning and good loan partner, like QLO. There will be no headaches and heartbreaks from high interest rates and additional fees. in QLO, everything is quick and easy – low interest rates and it has a convenient platform for everyone.

Below are the steps on how you can combat your debt as fast as possible using the two methods:

Essentials of a good planning


Rank your list of debts in order of payment priority


Finding extra money to pay your debt


Monitoring your cash flow, especially your spending

Look for a good loan partner

Choosing the right loan facility. Find the financial institution that is fit for your needs

If things are getting heavier, and it’s already stressing you out – it’s never bad to borrow money from a loan program; just make sure to choose the right financial institution. If not, you’ll find your debt much spookier than the Halloween season!

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