Sun Life Insurance to be Available for QLO Borrowers

In a bid to make insurance more accessible to Filipinos, select Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. (Sun Life) insurance products will be available to borrowers of Quick Loans Online (QLO), a cost-free and risk-free salary loan facility powered by fintech lending company MR Angel Credit Corp. (MRACC). Under the initiative, qualified QLO borrowers will […]

Capitalizing on Credit

More often than not, people associate “Credit” with “Debt”. The very nature of credit is spending money you don’t actually have presently which would obviously incur a certain amount of debt. And as we all know, debt is something that people tend to avoid. Because of its close association, most people would have a similar […]

Loaning Your Way to Financial Freedom

At first glance, the title may seem like a paradox. Reason being is that by definition “loaning” and “financial freedom” are polar opposites in nature. The concept of loaning is not a stranger to us, it is simply the act of borrowing with the intention of giving it back. Surely at some point in the […]